Idle Assets Catalog System

What the Idle Asset Catalog System is:

* The easiest way to Re-Allocate, Sell, and Distribute your company's Idle Assets and Surplus Equipment.
* A proven and reliable Investment Recovery system for your company’s everyday use.
* A system from an established computer software company that has been in business over 15 years.
* A system that will continue to evolve as industry requirements (and yours) change.
* A system that will work in your company’s existing computer networks.
* A system designed within Microsoft Corporation framework and standards.
* A system that gives you complete control of your data and who can access it.
* A system with a guarantee. I.A.C.S. includes a complete 90-day satisfaction guarantee!

What the Idle Asset Catalog System is NOT:

* I.A.C.S. is not another online auction site.
* There are no fees, no commissions and no hidden costs.

* * * * *

Additional optional services offered by Ream Software:

* Our staff can build your Idle Asset catalog for you. We will travel to your locations to collect the Asset information, take digital photographs and complete all data entry required.
* Our company can host your Idle Asset catalog on our Internet Database Servers, instead of utilizing your company’s own internal computer resources.
We would like to introduce ourselves to you. Ream Software has been delivering quality turnkey and customer software applications since 1984.

* * * * *

Clients already using software applications written by our team of programmers include Procter & Gamble, Gillette, Pepsi, Nestle, Avon, Nabisco, Warner-Lambert, Pizza Hut International, RJR Tobacco, Firmenich, Taco Bell, Fort James Corporation, U.S. Army, Takasago, Reckitt & Colman, University of Maine, Utah State University, Food Brands America, Loreal, Cosmair Cosmetics, Pfizer, and many more.

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Contact   800 579 7654   for information on setting up an Idle Assets Catalog System for your Company.

Idle Assets - Surplus Equipment - Investment Recovery

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